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Glass Silvering

Glass Silvering

Silvered glass / mirroring is accomplished by chemically depositing a unique silver solution on glass creating a high quality reflective surface. Since our process is hand crafted, we not only deposit clear silver (Mirror) on glass, we have the ability to create an Antique Mirror as well.

Walter’s Mirror has the ability to silver any type of glass surface. Listed are just a few applications for silvering. Let your imagination be your guide to a decorative designed piece.

  • Tempered Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Textured Glass
  • Patterned Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • Slumped and Bent Glass
  • Restoration Glass
  • Any thickness Glass can be silvered
  • Hand Blown Glass
  • Acid Washed or Sandblasted Glass
  • Glass Vases and glass Containers
  • All types of Glass can be Silvered

Below are a few examples of textured Silvered Glass:

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“New Mirrors Created for
that Old World Look”

Below are just some of the
styles available.

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Samples are available upon request.
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