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Antique Mirrors

For over 50 years Walter’s Mirror has been in the business of hand crafted Antique Mirrors. Our handmade antique mirrors have a natural and artistic finish, making each piece unique. Mirror antiquing, also known as distressed mirrors, is an important part of the design repertoire, transforming time and space. We offer multiple techniques to meet varying design requests. There are two distinctly different categories of Antique Mirrors. One has a decorative appearance while the other offers a more European style or realistic old world look and feel. Within each category are many styles to meet your requirements.

  • French Antique Style Mirrors
  • Mercury Styled Mirrors
  • Old Fashioned Style Mirrors
  • Decorative Antique Mirrors
  • Venetian Style Mirrors

See these designer mirror styles applied not only to wall mirrors, but also beds, desks, fireplaces and more in our portfolio gallery. Additionally, we welcome custom design requests.

Our Antiqued Mirrors are in homes, restaurants, casinos, on furniture and in hotels globally. We take pride in every custom Antique Mirror created and attention to detail is always our first and foremost concern.

Unfortunately many Antique Mirrors today are NOT HAND MADE, rather imported, mass-produced and machine made, which do not have an authentic old world look. Please Beware. We also stock antique mirror panels, if desired.

“New Mirrors Created for
that Old World Look”

Below are just some of the
styles available.

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(All antique mirrors can be fabricated
to be on any color or textured glass.)

Samples are available upon request.
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of the finished pieces.